2016 bloomsbury

Researchers and Ph.D. students from TIG supported the Institute of Healthcare Engineering's public engagement even "Fragmented Communication: Living with Sensory Impairments". The event showcased the effects of dementia to speech, of different eye pathologies to sight loss, and of cochlear implants to improvement of sound perception.


TIG lecturer Christos Bergeles and PhD students Anestis Mamplekos-Alexiou and Filip Paszkiewicz demonstrated in virtual reality what each eye pathology does to our vision. Participants wore VR headsets from GiveVision, and completed puzzles and mazes under the experience of different visual impairements. The approximately 100 participants that went through our booths that day were able to hear about the research that UCL is doing to prevent blindness, including our collaborations with Moorfields Eye Hospital and our newly awarded research projects.