TIG has had 31 pieces of work accepted for this year ISMRM in Honolulu, Hawai'i (April 22nd-27th) including 9 oral presentations. We look forward to presenting this work at the conference in April.

TIG first author abstracts (13):

Michela Antonelli et al. A New Multi-Atlas Selection Strategy for Zone Segmentation of the Prostate.

Michela Antonelli et al. An mpMRI derived Logistic Regression Model for Gleason 4 Pattern Prediction in Peripheral Zone Prostate Cancer.

Oscar Bennett et al. Learning how to see the invisible - using machine learning to find underlying abnormality patterns in reportedly normal MR brain images from patients with epilepsy.

Carla Goncalves Semedo et al. Improved tractography-based segmentation of the human thalamus (Oral)

Michael Hütel et al. Retrospective Independent Component Estimation of Respiratory and Cardiac Artefact Residuals (RICERCAR) in BOLD-fMRI

Michael Hütel et al. Sparse Network Analysis of Individual Resting-State BOLD-fMRI (Oral)

Michael Hütel et al. Resting-state network patterns in extremely preterm born young adults

David Owen et al. ADRIMO: Anatomy-DRIven MOdelling of spatial correlation to improve

analysis of arterial spin labelling data.

David Owen et al. Bayesian experimental design for multi-parametric T1/T2 relaxometry

and diffusion.

Andrew Melbourne et al. DECIDE: Diffusion‐rElaxation...

Ferran Prados et al. A patch-based method for lesion in-painting in the spinal cord.

Ferran Prados et al. Boundary shift integral to compute brain and cervical spinal cord longitudinal volume changes using the same 3DT1w volumetric scans in multiple sclerosis (Oral).

Ferran Prados et al. Patient-specific 3D Printable Anatomical Brain Models from a Web App.

Sjoerd B. Vos et al. Evaluation of PROspective MOtion correction on high-resolution 3D-FLAIR acquisitions in epilepsy patients.


TIG contributing author abstracts with in Epilepsy (2):

M. Abaei et al. Comparison of Susceptibility Weighted Imaging MRI implementations across vendors: Implications for multi-centre studies.

G.P. Winston et al. Automated hippocampal T2 relaxometry.


TIG contributing author abstracts with in Prostate (3):

Edward William Johnston et al. Single Slice vs. Volumetric Analysis of Multiparametric Prostate MRI Metrics.

Edward William Johnston et al. Improving the Reproducibility of Quantitative Imaging Metrics for Multicentre Multiparametric Prostate MRI Trials.

Edward William Johnston et al. Lower Normalised T2 Signal Intensity is Associated with Higher Intratumoural Heterogeneity: A Radiogenomic Study in High-Risk Prostate Cancer.


TIG contributing author abstracts with in Multiple Sclerosis (13):

Marco Battiston et al. Optimal framework for quantitative magnetization transfer imaging of small structures (Oral).

Marco Battiston et al. Reproducible fast T1 mapping of the human cervical spinal cord in vivo.

Francesco Grussu et al. A unified signal readout for reproducible multimodal characterisation of brain microstructure.

Francesco Grussu et al. Origin of the time dependence of the diffusion-weighted signal in spinal cord white matter (Oral).

Stephanie Alley et al. A ranking of pipelines for optimal co-registration of anatomical and diffusion weighted images of the cervical spinal cord.

Marios Yiannakas et al. Outer spinal cord rim visualization using magnetization-prepared 3D T1w TFE at 3T: Application to multiple sclerosis (Oral)

Martina Liechti et al. Assessing changes within the lumbosacral spinal cord in neurological disease: preliminary results of a pilot in vivo MRI study.

Elizabeth Powell et al. The Role of Node Strength to Investigate Pathology.

Becky Samson et al. Investigation of outer and inner cerebellar MTR abnormalities in different MS clinical subtypes (Oral).

Becky Samson et al. Longitudinal outer and inner cortical MTR abnormalities in different MS clinical phenotypes.

Bhavana Solanky et al. Spinal cord sodium and axonal loss in Multiple Sclerosis (Oral).

Thalis Charalambous et al. Graph theoretical measures predict volumetric changes in multiple sclerosis.

Carmen Tur et al. Impact of acquisition strategies and spherical deconvolution algorithms on brain connectivity mapping in early multiple sclerosis (Oral).