ismrm.pngTIG has had 23 pieces of work accepted for this years ISMRM in Singapore (May 7th-13th) including five oral presentations. We look forward to presenting this work at the conference in May.


TIG first author abstracts:
Andrew Melbourne et al. - Analysis of brain volume in a 19 year-old extremely-preterm born cohort.
Andrew Melbourne et al. - Perfusion and diffusion in the extremely preterm young adult thalamus.
Andrew Melbourne et al. - Characterising microstructure and shape of the extremely preterm 19 year-old corpus callosum.
Andrew Melbourne et al. - Coupled fitting of T2 relaxometry and multi-shell diffusion weighted image data.
David Thomas et al. - Reduction of motion…
Eliza Orasanu et al. - Local shape analysis of the thalamus in extremely preterm born young adults.
Eliza Orasanu et al. - Cortical folding patterns in extremely preterm born young adults.
Eliza Orasanu et al. - Mapping longitudinal white matter changes in extremely preterm born infants.
Ferran Prados et al. - Regional variation of total sodium concentration in the healthy human brain
Ferran Prados et al. - NiftyWeb: web based platform for image processing on the cloud
Ferran Prados et al. - Automatic sodium maps reconstruction using PatchMatch algorithm for phantom detection
Ferran Prados et al. - Atrophy computation in the spinal cord using the Boundary Shift Integral
Ferran Prados et al. - Fully automated grey and white matter segmentation of the cervical cord in vivo
Michael Hutel et al. - The hidden heart rate in the slice-wise BOLD-fMRI global signal.
Michael Hutel et al. - An overcomplete and efficient ICA for BOLD-fMRI.
Sjoerd B. Vos et al. - Intracellular volume fraction estimation in vivo in single and crossing fibre regions.
Sjoerd B. Vos et al. - Evaluation of 3D T1-weighted imaging at 3 T across scanner vendors and models
Zach-Eaton Rosen et al. - White matter alterations in young adults born extremely preterm: a microstructural point of view.


TIG contributing author abstracts:
Enrico De Vita et al. - Arterial Spin Labelling perfusion measurements in Prion Disease: relation with restricted diffusion.
Francesco Grussu et al. - Axon diameter distribution influences diffusion-derived axonal density estimation in the human spinal cord: in silico and in vivo evidence
Isaac Huen et al. -  Measurement of bolus arrival time and velocity in Circle of Willis using dynamic MR angiography.
Marco Battiston et al. - Reduced Field-of-View Diffusion-Weighted Imaging of the Lumbosacral Enlargement: A Pilot In Vivo study of the healthy spinal cord using a clinical 3T MR system
Marios Yiannakas et al. - In vivo quantitative Magnetisation Transfer in the cervical spinal cord using reduced Field-of-View imaging: a feasibility study

Wylezinska-Arridge et al. - Capturing clinical MRI complexity: a first step towards realizing the maximum research value of neuroradiological MRI