Imaging Biomarkers

Our research is focused on the development of new segmentation and classification techniques that allow the diagnosis and follow up of cardiac and vascular pathologies. Using our in-house segmentation algorithms, we seek to combine the information provided by multiple image modalities to improve the segmentation and posterior analysis of different structures of interest. 

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases account for around 30% of deaths around the world. The use of medical image computing in clinical routine has shown a tremendous potential to reduce the death toll by allowing early diagnosis and treatment of the different pathologies.


Cardiac Image Analysis

We have developed a multi-atlas segmentation propagation (MASP) approach for whole heart segmentation that has been proven to be robust to different image modalities. At the moment, we are using this method to build a framework that guides the segmentation of the left atrium in ultrasound images by using a priori information from MR and CT, and in computer-assisted diagnosis of congenital heart diseases (Fig. 1).


figure 2 


Fig. 1 CAD pipeline for congenital heart disease diagnosis based on whole heart segmentation. For further details refer to Zuluaga et al, ISBI 2014.

Vascular Image Analysis 

vesselsSC2 web

In a similar fashion, we try to exploit the information from multiple images to improve the quality of the segmentation of vascular structures. We have been applying such techniques to different applications:

  • Cerebrovascular tree extraction for epilepsy surgery planning.
  • Plaque image analysis and correlation using ex-vivo MR and histology.
  • OCT segmentation.

Our main collaborator in the area of vascular image analysis is the Institute of Neurology at UCL. 


Our Collaborators

Silvia Schievano - UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science
Andrew Taylor - Great Ormond Street Hospital
Jim Duncan - Yale University
Rolf Jager - Institue of Neurology (IoN)
Kawal Rhode - King's College London



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