Preterm Imaging at ISMRM 2016


The Preterm Imaging Team arrived in style aboard an Airbus A380 and a little trip to the local 5km parkrun early on Saturday morning helped to clear the jet lag.

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Monday: The Preterm Imaging Team kicked off with a well-received oral presentation from Michael Hutel on The hidden heart rate in the slice-wise BOLD-fMRI global signal in the fMRI post-processing session.


This was followed by a pair of posters from Andrew Melbourne with early findings from the EPICure@19 cohort on Perfusion and diffusion in the extremely preterm young adult thalamus and Characterising microstructure and shape of the extremely preterm 19 year-old corpus callosum.



Tuesday: Two more posters from the Preterm Imaging Team. This time by Andrew Melbourne and Zach Eaton Rosen on Coupled fitting of T2 relaxometry and multi-shell diffusion weighted image data and White matter alterations in young adults born extremely preterm: a microstructural point of view respectively.

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Wednesday saw two oral presentations from Eliza Orasanu on Local shape analysis of the thalamus in extremely preterm born young adults and a description of Mapping longitudinal white matter changes in extremely preterm born infants.

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These were followed by a further poster from Eliza on Cortical folding  patterns in extremely preterm born young adults, a poster by Michael describing An overcomplete and efficient ICA for BOLD-fMRI and one more poster by Andrew on the Analysis of brain volume in a 19 year-old extremely-preterm born cohort.

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Thursday: Two more presentations from Eliza at the White Matter and Paediatric Study Groups saw her awarded 3rd and 1st prize respectively in these sessions. 

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After the weeks work was wrapped up, it was onward to Vietnam for some, or finally home for a little bit more running…