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University College London
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I am a physicist with a backgound of numerical modelling and nonlinear problems. In the past I have been working on image reconstruction in diffuse optical tomography (DOT), a novel medical imaging modality that seeks to recover 3D images of the optical coefficients of tissue from boundary measurements of infrared light transmission. DOT reconstruction is a nonlinear ill-posed inverse problem which is generally solved with an iterative, model-based, regularised optimisation approach.


As part of my research I have developed, and am maintaining, the Toast++ software package, including a finite element forward solver for DOT and related problems, and reconstruction routines for inverse problem solving. Toast++ is an open-source C++ library with bindings for Matlab and Python.


Current research


I have joined TIG in January 2016, where I am currently working on data visualisation and source reconstruction for intra-cranial EEG. 




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