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University College London
Centre for Medical Image Computing
Translational Imaging Group
Dept. Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
8.04 Malet Place Engineering Building
Gower Street

United Kingdom
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Miscellaneous Information



 Research interest
 Medical Image Analysis – Brain segmentation – MRI - Neurodegenerative diseases - White matter lesions
 Previous education
 After a major in Applied Mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique, France (2008-2013), I studied for a Master in Biomedical Engineering at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2011-2013). I visited first TIG for a short internship in 2011 and decided to come back formy Master project and my PhD in 2012, mostly attracted by the opportunities of a pluridisciplinar work and the strong translational motivation of the group.
Current research
My thesis is about the study of white matter lesions in neurodegenerative diseases. I am currently trying to find a way of modeling correctly the data while avoiding the effect due to the presence of pathologies. Using information coming from different MRI acquisition sequences, one direct application is to be able to segment automatically the pathological regions in brain images. 

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