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Miscellaneous Information

I am currently a Research Associate working on Image Guided Laparoscopic Surgery, with emphases on laparoscope and laparoscopic ultrasound (LUS) probe hand-eye calibration and LUS / CT registration.

 I obtained a PhD degree in Medical Image Processing in 2001 from the University of Oxford, under the supervision of Prof. Sir Mike Brady and Prof. Alison Noble. My thesis is titled "3-D free-hand ultrasound imaging and image analysis of the breast”.



  • Nonrigid registration of 3-D free-hand ultrasound images of the breast. Guofang Xiao, J Michael Brady, J Alison Noble, Michael Burcher, Ruth English. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2002 Apr;21(4):405-12
  • Segmentation of ultrasound B-mode images with intensity inhomogeneity correction. Guofang Xiao, Michael Brady, J Alison Noble, Yongyue Zhang. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2002 Jan;21(1):48-57