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Miscellaneous Information

I am working on understanding the underlying mechanisms that drive the pathogenic proteins (e.g. Ab-42, tau, etc.) present in most neurodegenerative diseases to manifest different spatiotemporal patterns of spread in the brain's neural network using computational modelling. We have used the NEURON simulator to simulate a neural network comprised of cortical columns within which pathogenic protein can be seeded and then during the simulation it accumulates and spreads based on the computational models. Likewise, we have developed a similar framework for the whole brain, only this time the network comprises of brain regions derived from parcellation of structural MR images and connected based on fMRI and DWI data. We have also linked the two scales by assuming each brain region comprises of a number of cortical columns. Different models/equations for protein mechanisms (e.g. diffusive spread or clearance) can be compared and we can find which models are more likely to be true by checking which model is best able to predict future atrophy. 

Journal Papers

Georgiadis K, Wray S, Ourselin S, Warren JD, Modat M (2018) Computational modelling of pathogenic protein spread in neurodegenerative diseases. PLoS ONE 13(2): e0192518.


Conference Abstract

Georgiadis K, Selina W, Ourselin S, Warren J and Modat M: Simulation of Pathogenic Protein in an Artificial Neural Network.10th ICFTD Munich 2016