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United Kingdom
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Miscellaneous Information


multi-modal image registration, histology, MRI



I obtained an MEng in Telecommunications from a French graduate school in electrical engineering, computer science and telecommunications, and completed my training at Postech, South Korea, with the Image Information Processing lab., in 2012. I was then with the Image Mining Group at Institut Pasteur Korea, Seoul, during a year and a half. As an intern first, working on microarray image analysis. Then as a researcher, to characterise the effects of various compounds (at multiple concentration points) on cells from various cell lines. This analysis aimed at clustering compounds inducing similar phenotypic effects. 


Current research

My research concentrates on MR-histology analysis for multiple sclerosis (MS). I focus on developing a registration pipeline bringing MRI and digital histology into spatial correspondences, and on multi-modal image segmentation of MS lesions. The goal of the project is to explore how recent findings about MS in histology correlate to the information provided by standard clinical imaging routines as to improve MS disease understanding.