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UCL Medical Physics and Bioengineering
Centre for Medical Image Computing
Wolfson House
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Miscellaneous Information

Research interests:

Alzheimer's Disease, Imaging biomarkers, Amyloid imaging, Atrophy progression, Asymptomatic amyloidosis


Current Research:

Based part-time at CMIC, within TIG, and part-time at the Dementia Research Centre, I apply the latest image processing methods developed in CMIC to clinically relevant questions in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common type of dementia. AD is a major public health problem, becoming increasingly prevalent with aging populations. 


I am investigating multimodal neuroimaging biomarkers for prediction, diagnosis, prognosis and tracking of disease progression. My work focuses particularly on links between amyloid-beta accumulation and neurodegeneration at the pre-symptomatic stage of the disease, with applications to screening and outcome measurement for anti-amyloid drug trials in asymptomatic AD. 


With the realisation that anti-amyloid treatments may only be effective at the earliest stages of the disease, precise, early detection of predictive pathology is increasingly important, as are trial analysis methodologies to distinguish disease-modifying from symptomatic effects. Sensitive quantitative techniques for assessing response to treatment are increasingly an essential part of the drug discovery and clinical trial processes. These are the issues my work seeks to address.


About me:

I come from Liverpool in the north-west of England. I graduated from UCL with a BSc in Computer Science and worked in commercial software development and technical support and then as a secondary school teacher in ICT.  I returned to UCL to take masters degrees in Medical Image Computing and in Vision, Imaging and Virtual Environments before embarking on my PhD in CMIC.



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