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UCL, Dept. Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
8.18 Malet Place Engineering Building, Gower Street
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Miscellaneous Information

I joined the Translational Image Group lead by professor Sebastien Ourselin as CDT (MRes + PhD) student at UCL in the summer of 2014. Image registration algorithms oriented toward fetal surgery applications are the main subjects of my studies, supervised by Dr. Tom Vercauteren.
My main aim is to learn, develop and eventually improve tools for images analysis to diagnose and treat birth defects on unborn babies. 

Interests: learn, explore and develop mathematical techniques, tools and algorithms oriented to approach biomedical image analysis problems. Investigate the underpinning mathematics of registration algorithms, in particular diffeomorphic image registration.

Prior to UCL: I worked as developer of material flow simulation models and problem solvers in automotive industry ( Passion for mathematical applications leads me to a Master of Science in Mathematics at University of Turin. Master dissertation, supervised by professor Umberto Cerruti was about the investigation of new ways to use Winograd transform in Error Correcting Codes Theory.




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