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Miscellaneous Information

Research Interests

Image segmentation, machine learning, computer-aided diagnosis, cardiovascular imaging.



My research is focused on the development of new segmentation and classification techniques that allow the diagnosis and follow up of cardiovascular pathologies. Currently, I am interested in the use of the information provided by multiple image modalities to improve the segmentation and posterior analysis of different structures of interest. Some of the projects I'm working at the moment, in which we try to exploit the use of multi-modal information, include:

whole heart

Whole Heart Multi-Atlas Propagation Segmentation. We have developed a whole heart-based segmentation method that has been proven to be robust under different image modalities. At the moment, we are using this method to build a framework that guides the segmentation of the left atrium in ultrasound images by using a priori information from MR and CT, and in computer-assisted diagnosis of congenital heart diseases. 

Atherosclerosis Plaque Analysis. The aim of this work is to correlate the information from atherosclerotic plaque characterisation obtained from histology plaques and MR. The main challenge of this project is to achieve a good registration between MR and histology given that the plaque suffers from large deformations when it is prepared for histopathological analysis.

brain vessels

Vascular Tree Extraction for Surgical Planning. Despite increased access to multi-modal images, very few methods have exploited the information redundancy to improve vessel extraction. We have proposed a method  that integrates the concepts of scale, neighbourhood structure and feature stability with the aim of improving the robustness and accuracy of vessel extraction within a computer assisted SEEG planning system.

For more information about ongoing research, visit the Cardiac and Vascular Imaging webpage. 


About Me

In 2011, I obtained my PhD degree from Université Claude Bernard Lyon I (France) and Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) investigating automatic methods for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. After a year as a postdoctoral fellow at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble, France), I joined CMIC, in March 2012, as a Research Associate working on cardiovascular image analysis and computer-aided diagnosis of cardiovascular pathologies. 

In January 2016, I have been recently awarded a UCL-Santander Research Catalyst award to foster collaborations between UCL and universities in South America. 
I am a co-organiser CVII-STENT series that make part of the MICCAI conference. 


Most Recent Publications (2 last years)

  1. M.A. Zuluaga, B. Biffi, A.M. Taylor, S. Schievano, T. Vercauteren, S. Ourselin. Strengths and Pitfalls of Whole-heart Atlas-based Segmentation in Congenital Heart Disease Patients. In HVSMR 2016 - MICCAI Workshop (Accepted)
  2. G. Wang, M.A. Zuluaga, R. Pratt, M. Aertsen, T. Doel, M. Klussman, A.L. David, J. Deprest, T. Vercauteren, S. Ourselin. Slic-Seg: A minimally interactive segmentation of the placenta from sparse and motion-corrupted fetal MRI in multiple views. Medical Image Analysis (in press)
  3. A. Atehortúa, M.A. Zuluaga, S. Ourselin, E. Romero. Automatic segmentation of 4D cardiac MR images for extraction of ventricular chambers using a spatio-temporal approach. In: SPIE Medical Imaging (In press)
  4. A.F. Mendelson, M.A. Zuluaga, B.F. Hutton, S. Ourselin. What is the distribution of the number of unique original items in a bootstrap sample? arXiv:1602.05822 [stat.ML] (2016)
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  6. M.A. Zuluaga*, N. Burgos*, A.F. Mendelson, A.M. Taylor, S. Ourselin. Voxelwise Atlas Rating for Computer assisted Diagnosis: Application to Congenital Heart Diseases of the Great Arteries. Medical Image Analysis 26(1) 185-194 (2015) 
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  8. D. Ma, M.J. Cardoso, M.A. Zuluaga, M. Modat, N. Powell, F. Wiseman, V. Tybulewicz, E. Fisher, M.F. Lythgoe, S. Ourselin. Grey matter sublayer thickness estimation in the mouse cerebellum. MICCAI 2015, Munich, Germany, pp. 644-651 (2015)
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  15. C. Tobon-Gomez, M.A. Zuluaga, H. Chubb, S.E. Williams, C. Butakoff, R. Karim, O. Camara, S. Ourselin, K. Rhode. Standardised unfold map of the left atrium: regional definition for multimodal imaging. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 17 (Supp 1) P41 (2015)
  16. C. Petitjean, M.A. Zuluaga, et al. Right Ventricle Segmentation From Cardiac MRI: A Collation Study. Medical Image Analysis 19(1),  187-202 (2015)

* - Joint first authorship.

A list of previous publications can be found here.