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I'm a clinical scientist at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square. I work primarily medical imaging computing in the clinical setting, on the intersection of imaging physics, software engineering, and medical device management. I'm involved in many projects spanning both UCL (university) and UCLH (hospital): my main research focus at present is the Quantitative Neuroradiology Intitiative, a joint project (along with M. Jorge Cardoso) to deliver robust neuroimaging analysis algorithms into a streamlined clinical radiology workflow.

I have a strong technical interest in medical imaging informatics, particularly DICOM interoperability and (more recently) IHE integration. Clinically, my work is mostly in the areas of MRI and neurosurgical guidance.

Short bio

I've been working in medical imaging computing for nearly two decades, with a MPhys degree (University of Oxford) followed by PhD and post-doctoral research in MR image reconstruction of moving tissue (at the Institute of Cancer Research and UCL, respectively). I've been working in the UCL/UCLH imaging community since 2005, as an NHS clinical scientist at NHNN (part of UCLH) since 2008.

I'm an HCPC-registered Clinical Scientist in the UK, with ACS certification in two sub-modalities of medical physics (non-ionising radiation and clinical scientific computing). I've recently served as an HCPC Visitor for Clinical Bioinformatics. I'm also a member of IPEM and currently on the IPEM Informatics and Computing SIG.


You can find a mostly up-to-date list of publications on ResearchGate.