We are pleased to announce the forthcoming workshop based course “Research Software Engineering with Python”, organised by Research IT Services and the Centre For Medical Image Computing as part of the EPSRC CDT in Medical Imaging.



A fundamental tenant of scientific research is the ability to test hypotheses, and demonstrate reproducible results. Yet in computational research, the rigour that would be applied in more traditional sciences is often neglected. This course will enable you to rapidly and systematically turn research ideas into reliably working software. Rather than face the daunting prospect of endless hours of writing and fixing your software, why not take this opportunity to learn from some of UCL’s team of experienced software engineers.


Understand how to start a software project and use version control to safely make changes. Learn valuable testing techniques that not only demonstrate the correctness of your software, but also to explore the performance and enhance the reliability. Then learn how to share you code. Collaborate with others, exchange ideas and let the software be the medium by which your research grows.


On this course you will learn:

* Scripting using Python

* Version control with Git

* Test-driven development

* Use of scientific libraries

* Object oriented design

* Collaborative working 

* Coding best practices


MRes/MSc students should speak to their course organisers. UCL Post-graduate students and post-doctorate staff can register through UCL Market Place.