brain logo 300x250Dr. Ferran Prados Carrasco was awarded with the Guarantors of Brain Post-Doctoral Non-Clinical Fellowship for 3 years.


The project will be done in between the Translational Imaging Group (TIG) and the Queen Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre at the Institute of Neurology (IoN) and it has the support from Prof. Olga Cicarrelli, Prof. Frederik Barkhof, Prof. Claudia Wheeler–Kingshott and Prof. Sebastien Ourselin.


This fellowship is the result of the successful and long-standing collaboration between TIG and Queen Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre, where Dr. Ferran Prados has been a key driver into the translation of novel imaging biomarkers developed within TIG into the clinical area of multiple sclerosis (MS). Guarantors of Brain Post-Doctoral Non-Clinical Fellowship will help Dr. Ferran Prados Carrasco to develop and optimize imaging biomarkers for the assessment of global and regional atrophy of the spinal cord in patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological diseases. It has been shown that spinal cord atrophy is associated with disability progression over time, moreover, the characterization of Multiple Sclerosis lesions is of paramount importance due to their correlation with motor disability. 


For this reason, during his fellowship, Dr. Ferran Prados Carrasco will take advantage of state-of-the-art algorithms developed within the TIG at University College London (UCL ) to design a robust and innovative software for assessing longitudinal SC atrophy and the presence of lesions in a sensitive, quantitative and objective way. Finally, this technology will be translated into clinical trials (Phase 2 and 3) within the Queen Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre (QSMSC) at the Institute of Neurology of UCL.


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