About us

The Translational Imaging Group (TIG) aims to bring engineering innovation in medical imaging into the clinic. By working closely with clinicians and medical professionals our team of software developers and researchers are able to understand the most current issues being faced with both treatment and diagnostics. CMIC, the Centre for Medical Image Computing, is currently the main “Hub” of the translational imaging group at UCL. UCL has a tremendous opportunity to create an infrastructure bringing together the best of engineering and applied sciences with the best of medical sciences to become one of the world leaders in translational imaging.


Our Research is mainly focused on the development of novel imaging biomarkers and the development of image-guided surgery solutions.  We are taking advantage of state-of-the-art algorithms developed within CMIC and the internationally leading clinical research at UCL to design robust and innovative software for clinical trials (Phase 2 and 3), surgical planning and intra-operative update using interventional imaging.  Robust software plays a critical role in translational imaging and will result in improved healthcare delivery to patients.


TIG group picture