The Special Lecture, titled The Future of Image Guided Neurosurgery was delivered to a delegate group of clinical and non-clinical specialists and featured work on the EPI-Nav project. This symposium is the ninth in a series of focused high level symposia that address specific areas of epileptology, with a particular emphasis on the place of surgical treatments. This symposium focuses on the place of surgical treatment the treatment of epilepsies with acquired causes: stroke, trauma, tumour, infections and autoimmune conditions, with keynote lectures on the role of the blood–brain barrier and inflammatory pathways in the pathogenesis of epilepsies.

On Friday 24 June 2016 the EPSRC Image-Guided Therapies UK Network+ was launched at UCL. 


The 32nd Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS 2016) will be held at the ExCeL Centre in London from the 14th to 17th September 2016. The Translational Imaging Group, in collaboration with the Queen's Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre, has contributed many of this year's abstracts, including two oral presentations. Read the full article to see the complete list of acceptances.  

Sjoerd Vos was one of three invited faculty at the second “Advanced Workshop on Diffusion Tensor Imaging” held at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. This workshop covered the principal aspects from diffusion-weighting in MRI, through tensor estimation, data quality checks, through advanced modelling of complex fibre configurations and microstructural properties.

The Preterm Imaging Team recently published work in Brain and Behavior on cortical spectral matching in our neonatal cohort.


Eliza Orasanu, Andrew Melbourne, M. Jorge Cardoso, Herve Lombaert, Giles S. Kendall, Nicola J. Robert- son, Neil Marlow, and Sebastien Ourselin. Cortical folding of the preterm brain: a longitudinal analysis of extremely-preterm born neonates using spectral matching. Brain and Behavior, In Press, 2016.

The journal of Medical Image Analysis has accepted our work on minimally interactive segmentation of the placenta from fetal MRI (online available here). This paper is an extention of our MICCAI 2015 paper. Authors: Guotai Wang, Maria A. Zuluaga, Rosalind Pratt, Michael Aertsen, Anna L. David, Jan Deprest, Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin.

Congratulations again to Eliza Orasanu for her work on Mapping Longitudinal White Matter Changes in Extremely Preterm Born Infants and Local shape analysis of the thalamus in extremely preterm born young adults. The work received first prize in the Paediatric Study Group session at ISMRM 2016 in Singapore.


Catch up with the recent Horizon special 'Curing Alzheimers', featuring NiftyMidas software and tau processing. 

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