UCL will host a symposium at the Birkbeck Clore Management Centre which will focus on the development of analysis methods for PET/MRI. The symposium is directed especially to persons who have an interest in the development of novel methods of analysis using PET/MRI and should be of interest to scientific staff in centres establishing PET/MRI in the UK.

Our technical paper has been accepted in the CARE Workshop (MICCAI 2016). This work is part of the GIFT-Surg project.


UCLH The UCLH-NIHR Biomedical Research Centre has launched a series of groundbreaking videos of UCLH research for the public, featuring novel imaging technqiues being developed by the Translational Imaging Group.  

uncertainty image

Our technical paper was published in the journal of Physics in Medicine and Biology: " and 




Recently we have a new paper accepted by MICCAI 2016: Dynamically Balanced Online Random Forests for Interactive Segmentation. The work is part of the Gift-Surg project.

Algorithm scheme that illustrates the lesion filling proces

The Translational Imaging Group, in collaboration with the Queen's Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre, recently published work in NeuroImage on multiple sclerosis lesion filling.

The Special Lecture, titled The Future of Image Guided Neurosurgery was delivered to a delegate group of clinical and non-clinical specialists and featured work on the EPI-Nav project. This symposium is the ninth in a series of focused high level symposia that address specific areas of epileptology, with a particular emphasis on the place of surgical treatments. This symposium focuses on the place of surgical treatment the treatment of epilepsies with acquired causes: stroke, trauma, tumour, infections and autoimmune conditions, with keynote lectures on the role of the blood–brain barrier and inflammatory pathways in the pathogenesis of epilepsies.

On Friday 24 June 2016 the EPSRC Image-Guided Therapies UK Network+ was launched at UCL.