Benoit has been awarded a lecturer position at the University of Burgundy in France, where he is starting this month. He spent the last year within TIG, working especially on medical image registration using the NiftyReg software. We wish him all the best for his new position.

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The Queen's Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre, in collaboration with the Translational Imaging Group, recently published work in Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry on multiple sclerosis.

Following a European Industrial Doctorates award, TIG is starting a collaboration with Biomediq, a company based on Danemark. We are seeking three three candidates to develop machine learning derived imaging biomarkers and disease progression models of dementia. Two positions are available in Danemark (positon 1 and position 2) and one in the UK.

Dr. Christos Bergeles is giving a presentation of Light-field Imaging for Ophthalmoscopy and Medical Applications at EUretina 2016 in Copenhagen. The workshop, titled "Innovators in Computing and Technolgoy", features talks on exciting new projects on ophthalmology. With EUretina being the premier retinal ophthalmology conference in Europe, some great discussion with the clinical end users are expected!

We are excited that ZuiQui Duan will receive the 2016 IPEM Prize for most oustanding M.Sc. project. His M.Sc. was on cost-effective ophthalmoscopy for developing economies, and ZuiQui did an excellent job on software architecture and system design. ZuiQui spent 9 months in TIG working with Luis and Christos, who were his project supervisors.

Spotlight in the bulletin of Azforum on the works of Andre Altmann and Marco Lorenzi on imaging-genetics in Alzheimer’s disease.


The works were recently presented as oral communications at the Imaging Consortium of the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, AAIC 2016, Toronto, CA. 

TIG is pleased to announce that our Senior Lecturer Dr. Tom Vecautern and our Lecturer Dr. Christos Bergeles will both receive the EPSRC-funded UCL Future Leaders Award.


Dr. Vercauteren will use the award to support his research on "Assessing the feasibility of 5ALA-PpIX-specific multi-spectral proe-based endomicroscopy for glioma imaging", while Dr. Bergeles will conduct research towards an "Image-guided micro-surgical robot for retinal stem cell delivery".

Dr Marco Lorenzi will be delivering a lecture as part of the International Workshop on Geometry, PDE’s and Lie Groups in Image Analysis on Friday 26th August 2016 (TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)The talk is titled "Cartan connections on Lie groups with applications to neuroimaging". 

For information please visit the event website