Rosalind Pratt was awarded the prize for the best oral presentation in the 2017 Institute for Women’s Health Annual Conference on 7th July for her talk entitled “Investigating Placental Efficiency: Novel Analysis of the Fetoplacental Vascular Tree”. The presentation described how an analysis of the placental vascular tree can be used to identify differences in the functional properties of healthy and pathological placentae. Amazing work!

David Owen and Andrew Melbourne were invited to speak about their work at a fascinating one-day session of talks, held at St. Thomas’ Hospital on using MRI to investigate placenta structure and function.  David presented his work on the use of Bayesian experimental design to optimise image acquisition and Andrew presented his work on using MRI to discriminate maternal and fetal blood flow in the placenta. Both presentations were extremely well-received.

BrainMiner were awarded UCLB’s One-To-Watch Award at UCLB’s Annual Summer Reception on Tuesday 20th June 2017. 


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BrainMiner is an innovative imaging solution provider established by Professor Sebastien Ourselin, Dr M. Jorge Cardoso, and Dr Marc Modat following successful research collaborations between the Translational Imaging Group (TIG), the Department of Neuroradiology (National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery) and the Dementia Research Centre (UCL Institute of Neurology).


 Dr Ferran Prados, working for the Translational Imaging Group (University College London), has been awarded a prestigious Fellowship from the Guarantors of Brain. The Brain Fellowship aims to provide support for non-clinical postdoctoral career researchers who are working on bringing basic science approaches to bear on key problems within clinical neuroscience.




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Our recent paper in The Lancet Neurology shows that simvastatin can improve cognitive function in people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). Read more about this work on UCL news or on, and about the next phase of the statin trials on the guardian website. Download the paper here or click read more. 

brain logo 300x250Dr. Ferran Prados Carrasco was awarded with the Guarantors of Brain Post-Doctoral Non-Clinical Fellowship for 3 years.


The project will be done in between the Translational Imaging Group (TIG) and the Queen Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre at the Institute of Neurology (IoN) and it has the support from Prof. Olga Cicarrelli, Prof. Frederik Barkhof, Prof. Claudia Wheeler–Kingshott and Prof. Sebastien Ourselin.


The Translational Imaging Group, in collaboration with the Queen's Square Multiple Sclerosis Centre, recently published work in Multiple Sclerosis Journal on spinal cord atrophy. 










Rosalind Pratt and Andrew Melbourne were invited to speak about their work in collaboration with UCLH and GOSH at the UCL/Paris Descartes University Fetal Growth Restriction seminar on the 5th May 2017 held at the Residence de France in Kensington.