Sjoerd Vos was awarded as a Junior Fellow of the ISMRM at the 2015 annual meeting, in recognition of his contributions to science and the Society.



Burgos, N., Cardoso, M.J., Thielemans, K., Modat, M., Dickson, J., Schott, J.M., Atkinson, D., Arridge, S.R., Hutton, B.F. and Ourselin, S., Multi-contrast Attenuation Map Synthesis for PET/MR Scanners: Assessment on FDG and Florbetapir PET Tracers. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2015

Download it here as Open Access.

Sebastien Ourselin will be presenting the GIFT-Surg project at a keynote lecture in the joint International Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society (IFMSS) Annual Conference / Fetal Medicine Foundation World Congress on Sunday June 21st 2015. More information here: IFMSS website, FMF website

drc ws2           

A new site has been launched as part of a collaborative project between the Dementia Research Centre and the Translational Imaging Group (both at UCL). Seeing Dementia offers a unique way for the public to learn about dementia, the diagnostic process and see first-hand the effects of the disease on the brain, whilst contributing to the research outcomes of the project through their participation.



Ninon Burgos was awarded Best Oral Presentation at the 4th Conference on PET/MR and SPECT/MR which was held on 17-20 May 2015, on a beautiful island of Elba, Italy.

Congratulations to the team for their hard work on submissions to MICCAI 2015. 

We would like to specifically congratulate the first authors of the accepted papers: Guotai Wang, Gustavo Sato dos Santos, Wenfeng Xia, Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Andrew Melbourne, Da Ma, Ninon Burgos, Stian Johnsen and Max Allan. 


The full list of papers accepted are as follows (click read more)

frontiers of neuroscience

Objective Bayesian fMRI analysis—a pilot study in different clinical environments

Joerg Magerkurth, Laura Mancini, William Penny, Guillaume Flandin, John Ashburner, Caroline Micallef, Enrico De Vita, Pankaj Daga, Mark J. White, Craig Buckley, Adam K. Yamamoto, Sebastien Ourselin, Tarek Yousry, John S. Thornton and Nikolaus Weiskopf

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