Congratulations to the team for their hard work on submissions to MICCAI 2015. 

We would like to specifically congratulate the first authors of the accepted papers: Guotai Wang, Gustavo Sato dos Santos, Wenfeng Xia, Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Andrew Melbourne, Da Ma, Ninon Burgos, Stian Johnsen and Max Allan. 


The full list of papers accepted are as follows (click read more)


  • "Slic-Seg: Slice-by-slice Segmentation Propagation of the Placenta in Fetal MRI using One-plane Scribbles and Online Learning" by Guotai Wang ,Maria Zuluaga, Rosalind Pratt, Michael Aertsen, Anna David, Jan Deprest, Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "A Registration Approach to Endoscopic Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging for Intrauterine Visualisation of Placental Vessels" by Gustavo Sato dos Santos, Efthymios Maneas, Daniil Nikitichev, Anamaria Barburas, Anna L. David, Jan Deprest, Adrien Desjardins, Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "Interventional photoacoustic imaging of the human placenta with ultrasonic tracking for minimally invasive fetal surgeries" by Wenfeng Xia, Efthymios Maneas, Daniil Nikitichev, Charles Mosse, Gustavo Sato dos Santos, Tom Vercauteren, Anna David, Jan Deprest, Sebastien Ourselin, Paul Beard, Adrien Desjardins
  • "Scale factor point spread function matching: beyond aliasing in image resampling" by Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Marc Modat, Tom Vercauteren, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "Motion-Aware Mosaicing for Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy" by Jessie Mahé, Nicolas Linard, Marzieh Kohandani Tafreshi, Tom Vercauteren, Nicholas Ayache, François Lacombe, Remi Cuingnet
  • "Measuring cortical neurite orientation dispersion and perfusion in preterm-born adolescents using multi-modal MRI" Andrew Melbourne, Zach Eaton-Rosen, David Owen, Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Joanne Beckmann, David Atkinson, Neil Marlow, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "Grey matter sublayer thickness estimation in the mouse cerebellum" Da Ma, Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Maria A. Zuluaga, Marc Modat, Nick Powell, Mark Lythgoe, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "Subject-specific Models for the Analysis of Pathological FDG PET Data" Ninon Burgos, Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Alex F. Mendelson, Jonathan Schott, David Atkinson, Simon R. Arridge, Brian Hutton, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "Robust CT Synthesis for Radiotherapy Planning: Application to the Head & Neck region", Ninon Burgos, Manuel Jorge Cardoso, Filipa Guerreiro, Catarina Veiga, Marc Modat, Jamie McClelland, Antje-Christin Knopf, Shonit Punwani, David Atkinson, Simon R. Arridge, Brian Hutton, Sebastien Ourselin
  • "Database-Based Estimation of Liver Deformation Under Pneumoperitoneum for Surgical Image-Guidance and Simulation”, SF Johnsen, S Thompson, MJ Clarkson, M Modat, Y Song, J Totz, K Gurusamy, B Davidson, ZA Taylor, DJ Hawkes, S Ourselin
  • "Accessible Digital Ophthalmoscopy Based on Liquid-Lens Technology" by Christos Bergeles, Pierre Berthet-Rayne, Philip McCormac, Luis C. Garcia-Peraza, Kosy Onyenso, Fan Cao, Khushi Vyas, Melissa Berthelot, Guang Zhong Yang
  • "Image-based surgical instrument pose estimation with multi-class labelling and optical flow" by Max Allan, Ping-Lin Chang, Sebastien Ourselin, David J. Hawkes, John Kelly, Ashwin Sridhar and Danail Stoyanov